Jesus KLOP in Middies se harte

Deur Lonene Mdaka

“As jy regtig leef, as jou hart regtig op die regte plek vir die Here klop, sal jy nooit ophou om vir die Here te klop nie. Die Here klop aan jou hart.” –Mev. Andrea Cilliers.
Elke Vrydag gedurende pouse word KLOP in die saal of in Kamer G3 aangebied. Baie Middies sien Kamer G3 as die “kamer van vryheid”.
With the aim being that learners just get to open up their hearts to God and learn God’s heart, mrs. Andrea Cilliers and mr. Buks van Staden host the mind-refreshing and spirit-fulfilling KLOP-sessions every Friday.
They are joined by a band of three. There is the singer and guitarist, Cody Mellet – a former Middie who matriculated in 2014. He is driven by the fact that God is really real and the things that He has done for him in his life are amazing and beyond what he can explain. Then there is Duard Smit, also a guitarist. He is motivated by John 3:13. “Hey, I do what I do because God says so…,” he says.  Christian, youth pastor at Solid Ground Church, recently joined them. His favourite Bible verse is 1 John 4:17. He does what he does because he just knows it is his purpose in life.
Sometimes a guest comes to join the Middies in KLOP – something the learners can look forward to.
Elke kwartaal is daar ‘n sekere tema en na ‘n sessie van lofsang en aanbidding, deel ‘n gaspastoor of mev. Andrea ‘n mooi boodskap oor God en moedig die leerders aan en motiveer hulle om probleme die hoof te bied.
KLOP is ‘n plek van vrede en geluk waar leerders kan aanbid en hulleself weer kan vind.
So why is it called KLOP? If your heart is really beating in the right place for God, you’ll never stop knocking on His door, and He’ll surely let you in.
With Middies whose hearts beat for God, and Middies who answer Jesus’ knock on their hearts, Hoërskool Middelburg is going to new heights – not only academically, in sports or culture, but spiritually too! The heart counts…